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Pineal Light Infusion Flower Essence


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Pineal Light Infusion Flower Essence

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Pineal Initiation; Clean and Activate the Cosmic Pine Cone. 

Botanical Name: Ellianthus capitatus

This pinecone shaped flower, this beautiful Orchid inflorescence, that blooms in a spiral, helps to wash and purify the pineal gland, so it can do it's job- which is to initiate our supernatural powers, our vision, our psychic talents. The pineal gland is a super conducting resonator- that facilitates our connection with the higher planes, our spiritual connection, and gives us greater intuition. It can help to expand consciousness, and give us expanded insights- and a better understanding of our multidimensionality. It can bring extraordinary vision. The pineal is called the third eye. It represents our inner vision. It is our connection to the realms of thought. It is a photosensitive organ- It is activated by light.

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The Pineal is transdimensional- it is a gateway to other dimensions. It is the connecting link between our physical and spiritual worlds. It is an energy vortex, that couples the soul and body. It can improve our recall of dreams and strengthen our aura. The pineal is a stargate, a geometric center of the brain. The pineal also secretes melatonin which is responsible for our sleep patterns. 

Nearly every single ancient culture has some representation of the pine cone. The third eye is on the dollar bill. We are in a new dawn of consciousness, and the information and gifts we have been longing for are being revealed. This essence can offer a way to interface the latest energetic components being downloaded with our personal system. 

The Pineal Light Infusion helps to clean stored mental pollution. Since thinking or having unhealthy thoughts can re-pollute- it is a process. It may take some time. This essence brings more light into the pineal, so it will become clear and luminous. 

It feels like once we get the pineal washed up, the essence will create a vibrational resonance that will help to activate some key codes. It can help to create the appropriate frequencies to actualize the DNA and connect us to our multidimensional selves. There is regeneration and rejuvenation of the body and recalibration on a cellular level as the frequencies are adjusted and refined. It helps to acclimate us to our expanded reality. We have a conscious level of connectivity.