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Povea Family

Maca is the only species of root or tuber in the Andes that has a unique area of domestication and that is in the district of Junin between 4,100m and 4,500m above sea level.

It was originally domesticated by the Pumpush of Junín, a Pre-Incan culture, who have lived in the creeks of the Chinchaycocha Lake for thousands of years. Maca was and continues to be their staple food. Maca is one of the few eatable plants that grows in this area and therefore is sacred and central to the culture of the Pumpush people.

The freshest and highest quality Maca root is transported to Cuzco were it is (minimally) processed under controlled low temperatures with lovingly and expert care of the Provea Family in small batches creating the amazing Kallpaq Maca our customers love.

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