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Tito La Rosa: The Prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor

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The Prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor by Tito la Rosa. For his Silver Wave debut, Peruvian wind player Tito La Rosa addresses a familiar theme--a future socio-spiritual reunification of the Americas--and musically articulates the vision with an agreeable mix of humility and passion. La Rosa, a descendant of the Quechua Indians of the Andes, enlists the talents of labelmate Mary Youngblood (Native American flute) to intertwine the native musical traditions of two hemispheres, and the result is attractively reverent and reflective, flavored with occasional displays of dignified celebration.

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Producer Tom Wasinger carefully embellishes La Rosa's organic instrumentation (he even blows a conch shell on the prayerful "The Invocation) with just enough modern-day flourishes (a faint keyboard glow on "All One Nation;" traces of guitar and piano on selected tracks) to make this worthwhile, low-key disc appealing to both contemporary and traditional listeners. Highlights: a pair of softly percussive charmers, "Fire Spirit" and "The Dance of the Puma and the Wolf," and the delicate, respectful duet shared by La Rosa and Youngblood on "El Muney (The Power of Love)." --Terry Wood

(CD Jacket in Spanish)

Amazon Reveiews:

Knowing this music has made me aware of the power of Indigenous brilliance. Tito uses bone flutes that were made 1000 years ago, so the intervals are more attuned to Nature sounds than regular scales. It lifts my Spirit. I am altered, and grateful for it. I heard his cd titled Iqaro and felt completely absorbed in the ancient ritual sounds. I hope Amazon has a way of getting more of this wonderful musician's work. by Margaret Henderson

I simply love the sound of North and South American flutes and this CD offers the most beautiful performance and composition I have ever heard. The flutes are played with great sensitivity and glow and the percussion adds to the richness of sound. The music is both authentic and unique with some contemporary influence. The melodies and gentle sounds emanating from the flutes take your soul for a ride. Go for it. Fritz Wilhelm.


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