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Prosperity Farm Cluster Stone Amulet

Prosperity Farm Cluster Stone Amulet


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Prosperity Farm Cluster Stone Amulet « »

Prosperity Farm Cluster Stone Amulet

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This tiny finely detailed, hand-crafted stone carving represents miniature Andean farm animals and is representative of fertility and prosperity. This piece is impressive for the detail and close carving of the animals.   Perfect size for a smaller mesa or altar.This one is hand carved in Peru.  

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  • 4.0 x 3.5 x 1.0 inches

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This very closely carved charm represents a farm with multiple animals, granaries, and storage bins. Marble-like illas like this are not made or used anymore, but old ones are sometimes dug up from fields during plowing, and sold to the folk-art trade. Creamy marble-like stone talismans such as this were once used among the Quechua and Aymara people for ensuring the reproductive fertility of domestic animals and for prosperity in general. Called illas or canopas in Quechua and mullas in Aymara, these are small figurative amulets used to ensure fertility, love, and other of life's benefits. Those which are made for the purpose of increasing the fecundity and health of herd animals are also sometimes called chacras, that word meaning field or pasture and the charms are activated by burying them in a field or pasture.