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Psychic Diagnoistics

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This remedy is a mixture of Yacu Piri - Piri & Yopo for enhancing psychic diagnosis. 



YACU PIRI-PIRI  -Justicia pectoralis (white & purple) Acanthaceae, Acanthus Family

Herbal entheogen from the upper Amazon, admixture to Waiká Indian snuffs. Psyche: Releases judgment blocks inhibiting soul evolution. Assists integration of past experiences into collective wisdom-consciousness, facilitating enhanced evolution of the greater human family in general. Expands wisdom-body to embrace all earthly experiences as experiments in consciousness; useful for releasing judgments about "bad" behaviors in self and others.

Spirit: Opens pineal-pituitary circuitry for remote viewing, visualization, expanded perception of options. Expands second-sight capabilities to assist detection of body imbalances; useful in diagnosis of clients' needs, both in physical issues and in response thereto. Use with Yopo for psychic diagnostics. Augments psychic link to "spirit helpers" and disembodied healers, to facilitate interdimensional communication in healing therapies. Opens connection circuits in mid-brain for consciousness expansion, release from mortality paradigm; useful in astral travel, death and dying issues.


YOPO  -Anadenanthera peregrina (white) Fabaceae, Legume Family [Subfamily Mimosoideae]

Spirit: Opens the pineal-pituitary circuitry for inner sight; stimulates the third eye for opening to unseen realms. Assists in developing clairvoyance for diagnostic purposes: reading the physical and etheric bodies for flaws in the energetic fields that may be now, or soon will be, manifesting on the physical. Opens perceptions on energetic and auric levels; useful with other remedies for divination of prescriptions and practices for healing.

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