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PureGreen Protein (Vanilla) 470g jar


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PureGreen Protein (Vanilla) 470g jar

Quick Overview

Revolutionary Formula of Pure green vegetable protein with the amino acid ratio of human muscle and a gentle vanilla flavor. A wonderfully balanced and bioavailable complete protein.

· Superb Bioavailability from vegetable sources
· Balanced Amino Acids to match Human Muscle 
· 20 GRAMS Protein per Serving 
· Supports growth and tissue repair 
· Gluten Free 
· Dairy Free 
· Egg free 
· Clean Green Vegetable Protein

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  • 16.5 Oz
  • 470g Jar

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Protein supplements come in many forms. Some are a better fit for us than others. Egg albumin and whey proteins have long been considered the best -- until now. The amino acid profiles of albumin and whey supply all the essential amino acids needed by human muscle, although not quite in the proper ratios to precisely match. They nevertheless are efficiently utilized by the human body to build muscle tissue and other structures. What isn't needed for tissue building is usually burned up for energy production. Indeed, about 55% of dietary protein is commonly converted to energy. That is actually a good thing because conversion of protein to energy happens at a gradual pace, resulting in sustained and steady blood sugar levels.

Plant proteins have historically been poorly suited for human use. Most lack one or more essential amino acids or contain so little of one or another of them that it is as if the amino acid were absent. Hemp protein is a classic example. Its amino acid profile is a miserable match for human muscle tissue.

Soy protein's amino acid profile is also unbalanced for human needs, with the additional problem of "anti-nutrients" that interfere with basic aspects of human biochemistry. First among them are inhibitors that block trypsin and chromotrypsin, enzymes needed for protein digestion. Soybeans also contain haemagglutinin, a clot-promoting substance that causes red blood cells to clump together, goitrogens that depress thyroid function, and one of the highest phylate levels of any grain or legume. Phylates block intestional absorption of essential minerals (i.e., calcium, magnesium, copper, iron and zinc). Residues of these anti-nutrients often remain in processed soy proteins.

Other plant proteins fare better under analysis. Pea protein ranks highly with an amino acid ratio suitably approximating human muscle. Spirulina protein and rice protein have value by containing good amounts of all essential amino acids, in fairly good balance.

By combining a variety of plant proteins in correct amount, and adding a few select free amino acids, it is possible to create a purely vegetable protein with an amino acid ratio that surpasses albumin and whey proteins, and is nearly equal to that of human muscle tissue. That is exactly what Vibrant Health has done in PureGreen Protein. Non-GMO protein from pea, rice, spirulina and alfalfa are joined with four select free amino acids to create the first all-vegetable protein ideally balanced for human consumption.

Each 37.57 gram serving of PureGreen Protein provides: 

Supplement Facts
Serving size: One scoop (31.34 grams)
Servings per container: 15

Amount per serving

% Daily Value

Yellow Pea Protein

13.19 gm


Alfalfa Protein

6.59 gm


Rice Protein
(certified organic)

4.4 gm


Spirulina powder
(certified organic)

2.2 gm



510 mg



730 mg



590 mg



370 mg


Natural Vanilla flavor

1.5 gm


Natural Sweetner with Luo Han Guo

0.9 g


*Daily value not established


Nutrition Facts
Serving Size: one scoop (31.34 gm.)

Amount per serving
Calories: 109      Calories from fat: 14.4


% Daily Value

Total Fat

1.6 gm



0.42 gm



0.82 gm



0.29 gm



0 gm



195 mg


Total Carbohydrate

4 gm


Dietary fiber

1.36 gm



0.09 gm



20 gm


Vitamin A (from beta carotene)

0 i.u.


Vitamin C

0 mg



219 mg



15.57 mg


Essential Amino Acids

Arginine (semi-essential)

1.47 gm



1.2   gm



2 gm



1.7  gm



0.59 gm



0.92 gm



1.18 gm



0.65 gm



1.8 gm