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Q'ero Andean Despacho Cloth

Q'ero Andean Despacho Cloth


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Q'ero Andean Despacho Cloth « »

Q'ero Andean Despacho Cloth

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This simple despacho cloth is woven with fibers in colorful rainbow shades and features a traditional diamondpattern in its center band. Sewn with colorful corner tassels, some attached with beaded yarn, and edging on four sides. Gently used, this cloth shows some marks and slubs, but can still be used for its intended purpose of carrying offerings to their ceremonial sites. Handwoven by the native Q'ero of Peru.

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Unkhunas, or despacho cloths, are used ceremonially for carrying a completed despacho offering to the sacred fire for ceremonial burning and honoring mother earth. They are also used in a variety of other ways such as carrying small items, coca leaves or even lunch.