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Rainbow Heart Wand

Rainbow Heart Wand


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Rainbow Heart Wand

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Use your wand to assist with meditation, healing and journeying. Constructed with intention, this wand is made from RAINBOW QUARTZ. STICHTITE. GRAPEVINE. AMAZONITE. Balance Yin/Yang, Heart and Throat. Access Third Eye. Remove Blockages. Intuition. Meditation. Dreamwork.

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RA Moonhawk, our esteemed wandmaster, offers his inspired wands for use in shamanic and other healings, and as tools for meditation, growth and change. He births his wands from natural stones, animal antlers, plant material and sometimes carves them with his original artwork. Your wand comes packaged with a complimentary copy of the booklet Healing with Wands, written by the wandmaster himself. Handmade in the USA exclusively for Shamans Market.