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Rawhide Gray Wolf Rattle


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Rawhide Gray Wolf Rattle

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This rawhide rattle features a beautifully hand painted gray wolf, sometimes called timber wolf, on one side and is plain rawhide on the other.  The rattle bowl is filled with corn and the handle is wrapped with soft buckskin leather and decorative fur trim. Handmade in the USA.  

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  • 12" L + 4.5" Dia

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Many peoples throughout the world respected and thought very positively of wolves.  Among the various peoples and tribes of North America, wolf represents not only creation, but also death and rebirth.  Wolf is also seen as a teacher-animal to the peoples of California and the Great Plains.  They saw the wolf retreat into the mountains and hills to get away from humans, and made the connection between wolves and high places (in other words, spirit).  In the Lakota language, the word for wolf, sunkmanitu, means divine dog.