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Sacred Items

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  1. Chinese_Hongshan_Carved_Shaman_-_Dragon Chinese_Hongshan_Carved_Shaman_-_Dragon

    Chinese Hongshan Carved Shaman - Dragon

    Intriguing Chinese stone carving appearing to consist of two unique figures, said to represent a shaman in a trance, morphing into a dragon or other creature. Resembling carvings attributed to the Hongshan culture, this carving includes a bottom insert hole, indicating that it may have been bound to a pole and possibly used for ceremony.  Some describe these figures as alien carvings.  Learn More

  2. Hiwaya Stone Condor Hiwaya Stone Condor

    Hiwaya Stone Condor

    Our hand carved condor is created from a stone called hiwaya in the Quechua language. This type of stone is similar to hematite. The artistry of the piece shows the condor with wings uplifted in all its splendor and ready to soar.  Hand carved in Peru.

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  3. Moche_Lord_Statue_w_Semi-Precious_Stone_Inlays_-_2.75_inch

    Moche Lord Statue w Semi-Precious Stone Inlays - 2.75 inch

    Visage of the Moche Lord of Sipan hand-crafted of Peruvian silver and inlaid with semi precious stones and shell such as turquoise, spondylus, and mother of pearl. Beautifully detailed roping design surrounds the bottom edge of the stand and bead-like patterns surround the head. Chakana cross symbol is evident on the middle of the stand. Handcrafted in Peru. Learn More

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  4. Ortorongo_Jaguar_Carving

    Otorongo Jaguar Carving

    Masterfully carved from a very dense, rich black stone, this ortorongo's or jaguar's surface is honed to a velvety smooth finish featuring circular and spiral markings.  Your jaguar may vary slightly from the two carvings in the images shown.  Hand carved in Peru.

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  5. Stone Carved Pachamama & Pachapapa Stone Carved Pachamama & Pachapapa

    Pachamama Pachapapa Stone Carvings

    What else could this hand carved onyx couple represent but fertility? We lovingly refer to them as Pachamama and Pachapapa. Use these figures as you invoke your feminine and masculine energies. Hand crafted in Peru.

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  6. Stone_Incense_Burning_Bowl_with_Amaru Stone_Incense_Burning_Bowl_with_Amaru

    Stone Incense Burning Bowl with Amaru

    This hand carved incense burner is fashioned from a Incan piece. It is carved from a very dense metallic stone called Hiwaya in Quechua and has similar properties to hematite.

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