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Sacred Items

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  1. Pendulum - Bronze THOTH Pendulum - Bronze THOTH

    Pendulum - Bronze THOTH

    Bronze Thoth pendulum is a replica of the pendulum found in the Great Pyramids. It is said this Egyptian pendulum easily charges itself with the waveform of whatever we want to know. It's a common pendulum in France. Learn More

  2. Shell_Peruvian Shell_Peruvian

    Shell Peruvian

    Pulled from the shores in and around Peru and still encrusted with remains of barnacles, these shells can be seen on many a curandero's mesa and are often used in ceremonial purposes. Peru.

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  3. Sican Warrior Metalwork

    Sican Warrior Metalwork

    From a private collection, this pressed tin warrior resembles the type and subject of metalwork from the Sicán culture, which flourished on the north coast of Peru from about A.D. 700 to about 1375. This human-like image likely represents a Sicán warrior carrying a club and shield. The broad, slightly curved face, almond-shaped eyes, broad flat nose, small mouth, with laugh-lines around it and the protusions at the sides that look like stylized ears are typical features of some Sicán works. Learn More

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