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  1. Andean_Symbology_Tile_-_Serpent-_Square

    Andean Symbology Tile - Serpent- Square

    Our intricately hand carved, alabaster-like stone tile features the revered Incan animal totem Amaru, the serpent. Amaru rests coiled in bas relief on a background of other Andean symbols. Expertly carved by shamanic artists, Abelaro and Luz Marina in Peru.

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  2. Incan_Brotherhood_Hand_Carving_-_Corn Incan_Brotherhood_Hand_Carving_-_Corn

    Incan Brotherhood Hand Carving - Corn

    A carved right fist, hand-crafted of an alabaster-like stone , clutching a cob of corn in the palm, with the sacred moon Mamakilla and sacred sun Inti worked onto the back of the hand with symbols for mountains braceletted about the wrist. Hand carved in Peru. Learn More

  3. OM_Bone_Mala,_White_with_Drawsting_Bag

    OM Bone Mala, White with Drawsting Bag

    This unique mala is lovingly hand made by Tibetan nuns living in exile in North India. Each bead is hand painted with the Sanskrit symbol for Om. The braided nylon tail is a traditional finish used by the nuns. The three crystal 'marker beads' are added to create a unique decorative finish. This mala is made with hand painted water buffalo bone. The tassel is white as opposed to the orange shown in the picture. Comes in a beautiful cloth bag.
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  4. Shipibo_Amazon_Jungle_Quempo_Bowl_-_5_In.

    Shipibo Amazon Jungle Quempo Bowl - 5 In.

    For the Shipibo, pottery is distinctly female work.  Quempo is how the Shipibo refer to this type of flaring bowl, also known in the jungle as mocahua.  It is used to used to drink masato, a thick, yucca-based drink and for other fluids and therefore has external water-related motifs. The thin walls of this bowl are elegantly constructed so that the rim is narrower than the body.  A face is painted over slight protrusions of pottery for the eyes, nose, chin and ears.  Beautifully painted with fine Shipibo artistic patterns, typical of their work. Slight variations occur due to the handmade nature of this item.  Made by Shipibo women of Peru.

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  5. Wood_sculpture,_'Take_My_Hand' Wood_sculpture,_'Take_My_Hand'

    Wood sculpture, 'Take My Hand'

    Reaching out from past to present, Buddha's hand offers a way of peace. Ning Charoensri carves the graceful gesture as a decorative sculpture or a business card holder. A constant reminder of Buddha's enlightenment, the piece is mounted on a stand of iron and rain tree wood. Learn More

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