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Chonta Staff - King / Moon - 36 inch

SKU: si0002

Product Dimensions: 37.5 inches long

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Quick Overview:

The shamans and curanderos of the Peruvian northern coast use staffs like this one, carved from the wood of a chonta palm, as implements used in connection with their healing mesas. Arranged in an upright row at the head of this ceremonial altar along with swords or long knives, these staffs hold the energy of each of the shaman’s many helpful, healing saints and spirits.  These staffs are also typically used as a part of the shamanic all-night San Pedro ceremony.  Insert yours directly into the earth or in a container of sand at the top of your mesa.  Because of the handmade nature, your staff may vary slightly from the image.  Hand carved in Peru.

Detailed Information:
  • Fair Trade
  • Hand Made


Chonta wood.  It's hard to believe that a scrawny palm with long aggressive thorns covering its entire trunk could have such a wide variety of uses. In fact, since ancient times, the chonta palm has been important to the livelihood of indigenous peoples in the Amazon region. Also, today, artisans are taking this pre-colombian knowledge a step further to develop exclusive pieces of art and design with chonta. Carved into ceremonial staffs, the hard, dark wood, from the jungles across the Andes, imparts strength and protection. During healing ceremonies, shamans sprinkle the staves with agua florida or flower water and move the staff down the left side of the petitioner, then set it in the ground or on the floor upright in front of the mesa. They are often called dagas, daggers, because they cut away disease-causing energies.

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