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Sacred Offerings

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  1. Windhorse Incense Sticks in Bundles

    Windhorse Incense Sticks in Bundles

    Windhorse Sandalwood Incense is carefully made according to the uninterrupted traditions of the ancient Dakar Taso Monastery in Tibet. The lengthy ingredient list includes camphor, nutmeg, cloves, canarium, juniper and cinnamon among dozens of other herbal ingredients. Sold in individual bundles, each 39-stick incense bundle is wrapped with a mini paper Tibetan prayer flag and capped with beeswax stamped with an endless knot. Learn More

  2. Windhorse Incense Gift Box

    Windhorse Incense Gift Box

    Looking for a special gift? This colorful gift box is packed with items any incense user would love. The kit includes:

    • 6 inch long bundle of premium Tibetan Windhorse Solid Incense sticks,
    • 2 inch square Endless Knot design incense burner
    • 5 foot long string of cloth prayer flags featuring the windhorse.


    Prayer flag mantras decorate the perimeter of the box. Windhorse is a premium Tibetan-style solid stick incense made with a traditional monastic formulation that includes white sandalwood, camphor, nutmeg, cloves, canarium, juniper, among dozens of other herbal ingredients.

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  3. Prayer Flag Incense Box

    Prayer Flag Incense Box

    Tibetan tradition contains a wealth of information relating to prayer flag symbology. The handmade box contains five incense blends, each wrapped in the symbolic color elements of prayer flags. Includes nag champa (blue for earth), juniper (green for wind), purity (white for water), golden leaf (saffron for infinite space) and windhorse (red for fire) along with a 5 foot long set of ready to hang prayer flags.

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  4. Golden Bodhi Travel Alter Box

    Golden Bodhi Travel Altar Box

    Our handsome hand-made paper offering box makes a great gift. Featured inside a gilded bodhi leaf box made of precious Himalayan lokta paper:

      • a simple khata blessing scarf,
      • aromatic herbal Buddha,
      • herbal mala,
      • votive candle,
      • spicy Nag Champa incense and
      • clay incense burner.


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  5. Deluxe Buddha Incense Discovery Box

    Deluxe Buddha Incense Discovery Box

    This special version of our popular travel altar kit contains a unique herbal mala for mantra recitation. As the fingers warm the beads by telling the mala, this simple rosary offers up a subtle aromatic secret. Also included:

    • 2 inch herbal pressed Buddha figure,
    • khata (traditional Tibetan greeting scarf),
    • votive candle,
    • Nag Champa incense,
    • Endless Knot clay incense burner.


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  6. Buddha Incense Meditation Box

    Buddha Incense Meditation Box

    A great gift box!  Our Buddha Meditation Box makes for a beautiful presentation. On the outside of the box, depicted in gold on handmade lokta paper, is a rendering of the historical Sakyamuni  Buddha, the founder of Buddhism and the earliest expounder of the Dharma or Buddhist teachings. Our outstanding Buddha altar box is the consummate item for practice, either at home or on the go. 

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