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Burners & Bowls

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  1. Striped Horn Shaman Smudge Bowl

    Striped Horn Shaman Smudge Bowl

    Our Shaman smudge bowls are made in India from buffalo horn, which is a waste product. Buffalo are as highly regarded as cows in India, and would never be killed for their horns, meat, hides, etc. Horns used to make our Shaman smudge bowls are only from animals that have died from natural causes. The unique designs on the bowls are imprinted using a heat process. Learn More

  2. Copper_Om_Offering_Bowl

    Copper Om Offering Bowl

    A really special copper offering bowl with four brass Om symbol embellishments. OM means oneness with the Supreme, the merging of the physical and the spiritual body. It is the symbol of Hinduism. Considered as the most powerful mantra, it transcends time. Can also be used for incense (with sand), potpourri, etc.

    Learn More

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