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Feng Shui House Blessing Incense Kit

SKU: ife-10-004

Product Dimensions: 1/2 oz.

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Quick Overview:

Feng Shui Incense House Blessing Gift Box contains small packs of nine incense fragrances, plus an incense stand and information brochure. Incense burning is a wonderful tool to support the flow of positive chi and to harmonize and energize your home.  Triloka Feng Shui incense is custom-blended by traditional incense making families using over 20 natural ingredients, such as fragrant wood powder, herbs, resins, gums, seeds, flowers, leaves, grasses, roots bark and essential oils. All ingredients are hand blended with the utmost care and purity. The blended mixture or masala is then hand-rolled onto thin bamboo sticks.



The House Blessing Gift Box contains these nine incense: 

  • Journey (career, path in life) Element - water; Direction - North; Color - blue Ingredients: Cinnamon-intuition, creativity, joy; Myrrh-revitalizes, dissolves disturbing influences; Sandalwood-protection, inner peace, harmonizing, attracts love, with other fine ingredients.
  • Wisdom (education, knowledge) Element - earth; Direction: Northeast; Color - orange Ingredients: Sage-purifies, clarifies perception, inspires wisdom, ideal space-clearing agent; Clary Sage: inspiring, balancing supports psychic growth and knowledge, clairvoyance; Lavender: relaxing, balancing, revitalizing, supports good memory; Sandalwood: guidance, protection, inner strength; Frankincense: clears atmosphere, supports reflection and meditation; with other fine ingredients. 
  • Health (family, relationships) Element: wood; Direction: East; Color: green Ingredients: Frankincense: clears atmosphere, energizes, harmonizes; Cedar wood: promotes longevity, improves energy, strength; Vetiver: centering grounding, balancing; Spikenard: calming, balancing, dispels feelings of fear; with other fine ingredients.
  • Prosperity (wealth, abundance) Element: wood; Direction: Southeast; Color: green Ingredients: Basil: attracts prosperity, dedicated to Lakshmi, the Indian goddess of wealth and prosperity; Cedar wood: strength, success, prosperity; sandalwood: protection, guidance, evokes a sense of wellbeing and abundance; Vetiver: grounding, good luck, success; with other fine ingredients.
  • Recognition (fame) Element fire; Direction: South; Color red Ingredients: Myrrh: dissolves disturbing influences, energizes and attracts good luck and success; Costus: attracts love, harmonizing; Cassia: warming, relaxing, good luck; Sandalwood: protection, guidance, supports spiritual growth; with other fine ingredients. 
  • Love (marital happiness, relationships) Element: earth; Direction: Southwest; Color: yellow Ingredients: Jasmine: aphrodisiac, promotes happiness; Rose petals: Inspiring, traditional fragrance of love, Lavender: relaxing, clears the atmosphere, attracts positive chi; Patchouli: aphrodisiac, grounding, balancing with other fine ingredients.
  • Creativity/Luck of Kids (creative endeavors, children) Element: metal; Direction: West; Color: metallic Ingredients: Rose: inspiring, attracts love and compassion, cedar wood: instills confidence, strength, success; Orange: uplifting, energizing, refreshing, Patchouli: grounding, balancing, with other fine ingredients. 
  • Guidance (mentors, helpful people) Element: metal; Direction: Northwest; color metallic Ingredients: Camphor: clarifies, refreshes, supports concentration, awareness, good judgment; Lemon: creative energy, joy, revitalizes; Cinnamon: activates creativity, inspiration, relaxing calming; Sandalwood: guidance, mediation, protection; with other fine ingredients. 
  • Wholeness (completion, center) Direction: center Ingredients: Myrrh: dissolves disturbing influences, grounding, balancing; Frankincense: clears the atmosphere, supports reflection, meditation; cedar wood: energizing, harmonizing, instills confidence; Sandalwood: protection, guidance, evokes a sense of wellbeing; with other fine ingredients.

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