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Runcato Mystic Incense Copal Sticks

SKU: i0038

Product Dimensions: 7-23g Sticks per sleeve

Availability: In Stock

Quick Overview:

Our fragrant copal now comes in the form of incense sticks. These sticks come to us from Peru by Runcato Mystic Incense. 100% hand made with Copal resin, essential oils, natural gums and vegetable charcoal. Each 23 gram stick last approximately 60 minutes. Made in Peru.



The Copal tree is originally believed to have grown in Mexico, but now it can be found in a range of places, including western Africa, India, Central and Southern America. It's the resin that's considered most precious and in ancient times it was even more so if it came from trees that had been hit by lightning. The Mayans regarded Copal resin as extremely sacred, only daring touch it on their altars with special instruments, not their bare hands.  Shamans also use the smoke to enter a trance state, and some made predictions based on the patterns in the smoke.

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