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Florecimiento Prosperidad Bath Water Fragrance

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Product Dimensions: 6.5 inch bottle containing approx. 8 ounces

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A fragrant bath water frequently used in riutals for manifesting prosperity in your home, life, health and love.  It is said to satisfy the spirit and end negativity. Made from the best Peruvian and imported flowers, herbs and essences. Includes flora from the Seven Lakes of Huancabamba.  When using ritually, apply on Tuesdays and Fridays and pray an Our Father and a Hail Mary. 



At about 214 kilometers to the southwest of the Peruvian City of Piura, in the Northern Andes region, is the isolated town of Huancabamba.  It is best know for the shamans who live higher up the mountain.
The shamans, or healers, are integral to Huancabamba and in fact have made this remote town famous. They are supposedly endowed with healing powers that can cure problems like infertility, psychological problems like stress and depression, predict your future as well as solve your love problems!  There sacred lakes around town for ritual baths.  This is where most of the ceremonies take place. Las Huaringas is home to lakes such as the Shimbe, Negra Lagoon and Las Palangas – a group of seven lakes.  

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