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Ekeko Doll - 7 inch


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Ekeko Doll - 7 inch

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Ekeko is "God of Abundance and Wealth". These clay dolls are packed with items representing abundance and are intended to bring their keeper's good fortune. Various colors.  Hand made by master ekeko doll maker. Bolivia.

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The legendary Ekeko is from Bolivia. Despite the Catholic missionaries efforts to vanish the cult of the Ekeko it has endured. At the time of the conquest, it was described as an 'image' of gold, silver stone or clay found in all homes in a 'preferential' place. Nowadays it is mostly made of plaster or plastic and it has acquired a mestizo look, although it still has the original traits: a small fat and happy guy with his arms open, palms extended wearing a pointed hat (chullu). It portrays gentleness and a giving nature. The ekeko's powers are good luck and abundance. 

Every year on January 24th, Bolivians celebrate the Festival of the Ekeko where little objects (miniatures) symbolizing 'personal desires' are purchased and hung from the Ekeko doll so they will manifest. Through the Ekeko's tradition we learn that anything that we want and desire, if set with deep intentions, will become a reality.

The festivity begins on January 24th and lasts one week, celebrating day and night. It coincides with the first harvest of corn, fruits and flowers. It is not uncommon to have over 100,000 people show up!

Our clay dolls are packed with items representing abundance and are intended to bring their keepers good fortune.