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Feather - Imitation Golden Eagle - Pointer


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Feather - Imitation Golden Eagle Semi Mature - Tail


Feather - Imitation Immature Golden Eagle - Tail

Feather - Imitation Golden Eagle - Pointer

Quick Overview

Replica of an immature golden eagle pointer feather. These are most commonly used in bustle construction. These are about 15 inches long and 2 inches wide at the base.

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  • 10 in. - 12 in. L

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These feathers are made from common white turkey. Each is hand selected for size and shape and then trimmed, straightened, ironed flat, and finally painted to look like real eagle feathers. Tail feathers are approximately 12 inches long yet lengths vary. The golden eagle are also available in a "secondary" size which average about 10 inches. These are great for bustle trailers (part of a Native American dance outfit) and anywhere else a slightly smaller feather is required.