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Buddhist Ritual Bell & Dorje-6.5 inch

Buddhist Ritual Bell & Dorje-6.5 inch


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Buddhist Ritual Bell & Dorje-6.5 inch « »


Singing Bowl - Hand Hammered - 6 inch

Buddhist Ritual Bell & Dorje-6.5 inch

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Bells and dorjes are used in many Tibetan Buddhist rituals. The bell symbolizes the feminine principle, the wisdom of emptiness, while the dorje, or vajra, symbolizes the masculine principle, that of compassion expressed through skillful means. The union of these two principles is enlightened mind. Our beautifully and intricately decorated bell and dorje set is crafted in the Tibetan Lingtsang colony in northern India.  Bell stands 6.5 inches tall with a bowl diameter of 3.5 inches.  Dorje measures 4.75 inches long and 1.5 inches wide. 

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  • 5.25" H + 3.125" Dia
  • 12 Oz
  • Bell 5.25 Dorje 4 in L

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The Dorje and Bell are the primary Ritual Tools of Tibetan Buddhism. Tibetan Buddhists use bells and dorjes in most of their rituals. The Bell is usually held in the left hand and the Dorje in the right. To get the Bell to resonate, the Dorje has to be swirled through the inner surface of the Bell. Using the right angle gives the optimum sound from the bell.