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Incan Brotherhood Hand Carving - Serpent

Incan Brotherhood Hand Carving - Corn Serpent


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Incan Brotherhood Hand Carving - Serpent « »


Andean Symbology Tile - Condor - Rectangle


Incan Brotherhood Hand Carving - Corn Serpent

Incan Brotherhood Hand Carving - Corn Serpent

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Carved from Peruvian huamanga stone, this detailed closed right hand, complete with fingernails and skin folds, clutches a corn cob in the palm, as a right-facing serpent spirals around the wrist. It represents the Incan Brotherhood. Hand carved in Peru.

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  • 1.25" L x 4" H x 2.5" W
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Huamanga stone carving is a traditional form of artistic expression for many Peruvian artisans. Some say it dates back as far as the 17 century, originating in the city of Huamanga, in Ayachucho,/em> Peru. This place name is derived from the Quechua words aya (death) and kuchu (corner), referring to a major battle for independence. Some interpret the name to mean soul or spirit corner, in reference to the great devotion of its people, even in pre-Hispanic times.

Huamanga is an alabastrine, translucent limestone, soft and easy to work, which lends itself to being carved. The surface of this piece was finished by applying a thin layer of wax on the shining surface of the rock, highlighting its translucent quality and giving an ivory colored finish.