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Sacred Pipe Blend - Kinnikinnik 2 oz

Sacred Pipe Blend - Kinnikinnik 2 oz


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Sacred Pipe Blend - Kinnikinnik 2 oz « »


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Sacred Pipe Blend - Kinnikinnik 2 oz

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A blend of herbs traditionally used in the sacred pipe, wild harvested with payer and hand-combined with respect. Contains: California White Sage, Red Willow Bark, Uva Ursi, Mullein.

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Sometimes called kinnick kinnick, Which is a word from Algonquin meaning “what is mixed”, Kinnick kinnick was any of a number of herbs used for the mixture put into the sacred pipe. These days most folks refer to the herb Uva ursi as kinnick kinnick, but that is because it is commonly used in pipe mixtures. Our Sacred Pipe Blend is made from herbs that are large enough pieces that they do not clog the pipe. Our Blend isn't too "dusty," and doesn't tend to clog pipes like finely ground mixtures.