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Segundo Garcia -Trujillo, Peru

Segundo Garcia is a traditional cermanic artist and one of a very few keepers of this traditional art form. The art of making Huacos Silbadors had been passed down by his ancestors to his grandfather, and his father, Santos Evaristo Garcia, both whom have departed this world. His small workshop is in a small town outside of Trujilo near Apu Cerro Blanco and the Sun and Moon Huaca built by the Moche culture (100 bc - 650 ad).

Segundo Garcia is respected and admired in his community for his traditional knowledge and the sacred energy he holds.

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  1. Moche Warrior Ceramic Sculpture

    A brave, fearless Moche warrior prepares for combat holding a square shield in one hand, and a porra or spear in the other. His headgear symbolizes his high caste and respectable status. Handmade with great artistry of red clay and fired to create a delicate ceramic vessel in the shape of a horn. Replica of an original ancient design. Measures 6.5 x 5 x 2 inches. Handmade in Peru.

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