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Shamans Market-Cuzco, Peru

Cusco often spelled Cuzco (or Qosq’o in the Quechua language) is a city in southeastern Peru, near the Urubamba Valley of the Andes mountain range, its elevation is around 3,400 m (11,200 ft).

This Andean city is the uneasy bearer of many grand titles. It is the historic capital of the Inca empire, and is now the undisputed archaeological capital of the Americas, as well as the continent’s oldest continuously inhabited city. It was declared a World Heritage Site in 1983 by UNESCO. Few travelers to Peru will skip visiting this premier South American destination, which is also the gateway to Machu Picchu.

Legend tells that in the 12th century, the first inca, Manco Capac, was charged by Inti, the ancestral sun god, to find the navel of the earth (qosq’o in the Quechua language) –the spot where he could plunge a golden rod into the ground until it disappeared. When at last Manco discovered such a spot, he founded the city that was to become the thriving capital of the Americas’ greatest empire.

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  1. Quena Flute - Wood w/cover

    Beautifully smooth and highly polishedwood lend extraordinary beauty to this quena flute. Crafted by hand, it is a legacy of the Inca, an indispensable instrument in today's traditional Peruvian music. Holes of different widths to ensure a sweet sound.  Your quena arrives with a colorful woven, padded carrying case, the design emulating pre-Hispanic textiles.  Trimmed with a twisted black yarn strap and playful tassels. Made in Peru.  

  2. Peruvian Juchas Rumis Stones Set

    A set of seven sacred juchas rumis is typically used by pacos and curanderos for clearing the energy field of density, negativity and guilt. The khuyas in this set of juchas rumis are sourced from one of the most sacred locations for the Andean people of Peru: Lake Titicaca, located on the border of Peru and Bolivia. Sacred stone set comes with shell, palo santo stick, huarayros seeds, llama fat, extra stone, gently used carrying cloth and beaded watana tie. Peru.

  3. Peruvian Brass Bell Tumi

    Crafted in Peru this small solid brass bell has a clear sweet sound. The handle features a Tumi, or ceremonial knife in the traditional Incan style. The bowl is etched with intricate designs.

  4. Peruvian Brass Bell Shaman

    Crafted in Peru this small solid brass bell has a clear sweet sound. The handle features a Shaman.

  5. Peruvian Brass Bell Llama

    Crafted in Peru this small solid brass bell has a clear sweet sound. The handle features a llama, a symbol of supreme service to the Peruvian people.

  6. Peruvian Brass Bell Chakana

    Crafted in Peru this small solid brass bell has a clear sweet sound. The handle features a chakana a powerful symbol of the Andes' ancient cultures and is considered the most complete sacred geometrical design for the Incas. This symbol is often seen at ancient sites and sacred centers though out the Andes of Peru and Bolivia.

  7. Peruvian Amazon Colorful Gourd Rattle - Painted - Short

    •  Red Llama
    •  Purple White

    Our fair trade, hand-carved gourd maraca rattles are made in Central Peru. The gourds grow in the warm central valleys of the Andes, the coastal oasis and the jungles. After harvesting, they are dried, skinned and sanded smooth. Artisans carve freehand on the surface, creating intricate designs. Hand painted featuring a variety of different scenes, including birds, flowers, llamas and other indigenous designs. String hole in handle. Short sizes range from 4.75 - 7.5 in L with a 2 - 3 in diameter. Choice of colors. Some variation in design and size may occur. Peru.

  8. Hand Carved Stone Ear of Corn

    Each kernel on this corn cob totem is carefully hand-carved from Cusco stone, an alabaster-like stone. Created by shamanic artists Abelardo & Luz Marina. A great addition for your altar. Product may vary slightly from image due to the handmade nature. Hand crafted in Peru.

  9. Frog Carved Stone Offering Bowl

    The frog is one of the revered animals in the Incan cosmology, representing one of their three realms, the area beneath the ground. This one, squat and small, is hand carved in Peru.  This small incense burner is perfect for your smaller offerings or pieces of incense.  Frog is nestled inside its own colorful woven drawstring pouch and comes with three huayruros seeds.  A nice addition to your mesa. Handcarved in Peru.  

  10. Despacho Offering Kit - Cusco - Weddings

    This traditional Q'ero despacho kit comes from the bustling and busy Shamans Market of Cusco, Peru. It contains all the major ingredients used in the making of a despacho in the Sacred Valley and surrounding area for blessings for marriage. Some items, such as crackers and cookies, may have sustained damage such as crumbling or cracking in transit yet this does not diminish your intention for the offering. Each kit is hand made with love and contents may vary slightly. Peru.

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