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Curandera by Rowan Farrell

Curandera by Rowan Farrell


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Curandera by Rowan Farrell

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Curandera by Rowan Farrell is a museum quality print on paper from her original painting of the same name.  It is one of twelve original paintings in her collection Deeper Than Dreams, Archetypal Visions Series.  Comes in three sizes:  30 x 30, 15 x 15 and 12 x 12 inches.  Partial proceeds from the sale of this print are donated to The Heart of the Healer Foundation dedicated to preserving indigenous wisdom and restoring our earth.  

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Rowan Farrell - USA - Artworks invoking ancient ceremony and healing.  From her twelve original paintings in the Deeper Than Dreams, Archetypal Visions Series, Louisiana born artist Rowan Farrell creates mixed media prints on museum quality paper grown from layer upon layer of adventurous collage and mark making, packed with unexpected iconography and delicious details.  Huichol artistry, medieval tapestries, Egyptian iconography and indigenous healing traditions all have their say in the outcome.  This body of work, Deeper than Dreams, is invoking the world's oldest forms of ceremony and healing.  It is a celebration of indigenous shamanic practices around the world.  It is evocative of, and dedicated to all we, as wounded healers, have survived, created, become.

As Rowan explains, "My mother is a painter and sculptor as was her mother before her. Somehow we all managed to survive the social confines of the deep South and to nurture eccentricity in our children. Usually I say I was born from the mouth of an alligator. In the bogs of Louisiana I was conceived and born where female rain overtakes the land and spawns incessant vegetation. 

"My studio, about 30 minutes south of Asheville, North Carolina, is hidden at the end of a long dirt road tucked into tall poplars beside a creek on our farm. I first began establishing myself in 1992 by exhibiting as well as working as an assistant with well known artists in Atlanta after earning my BFA from the Atlanta College of Art on a Portfolio Scholarship.

"In Atlanta I also received a Jurors Award from Sandler Hudson Gallery; A Handmade Book Purchase Award from Nexxus Press and was honored in a favorable review by Jerry Cullum, the Editor of Art Papers, which was printed in The Atlanta Journal & Constitution. In 2010 I received a Regional Artist Grant from the North Carolina Council for the Arts, administered by The Henderson County Arts Council.

"I was eager to take art off the walls and to seek out skills in healing and to discover the true relevance of art in the most contemporary terms and so began an extensive six year apprenticeship with one of the last of the travelling midwives of Georgia. I moved to Asheville in 1998 to assist in establishing a Holistic Midwifery School. As a result my work is both a rich exploration and a celebration of The Wise Woman Tradition and indigenous shamanic practices around the world."