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Huayruro Seed Necklace

Shipibo Amazon Huayruro Seed Necklace


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Shipibo Amazon Huayruro Seed Necklace

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This authentic huayruro seed necklace was carefully and skillfully hand-made by the Shipibo-Conibo living in the Amazon rainforest. The name of the seed comes from the name of its plant, scientifically Ormosia sp., which grows in the Amazon rainforest. All male huayruro seeds were selected for this necklace. Male huayruro seeds have black markings which the female seeds do not show. Due to its handmade nature, necklace ranges in length from 19 to 23 inches. Bead width is approximately 0.25 inches. Loop and seed closure. Handmade in Peru.

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  • 19-23" L x 0.25" W
  • 19-23 L in

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Historically the huayruro seed was used in pre-Hispanic times in ritual ceremonies and as amulets. The seeds have been discovered in the archaeological remains of the Chachapoyas (Warriors of the Clouds) culture. Today their use is fairly widespread in Peru. The sees are said to bring good luck and deflect negative energies. They are also used against the evil eye in infants (to scare people with strong or negative energy) and as a shield against envy, for which it is recommended one always carry a seed. Other attributes given to the seed are that it represents the union of the couple and prosperity. One of the widespread uses is for making ornaments and jewelry for the purpose of protection and because of their unique beauty.