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Shipibo Color Painted Cloth - Song of Chacaruna

SKU: tx0147

Product Dimensions: 30 x 31 inches

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Quick Overview:

Our intricately hand painted Shipibo  cotton cloth features a striking traditional Peruvian Amazon pattern inspired by the Shipibo's relationship with their ayahuasca based, jungle cosmology. This icaro, or plant medicine song design, represents the chacaruna plant with a flower for luck. Expertly created by hand by Shipibo women. Made in Peru of 100 % cotton fabric.

Detailed Information:
  • Fair Trade
  • Hand Made
  • Supports Indigenous Cultures


All Shipibo textiles are created by women; embroidery cloths and painted cloths. In the painted cloths, patterns, referred to as kene, and depicting ayahuasca-based cosmology, are applied to natural, undyed cotton cloth or on cotton dyed in mahogany bark. The pattern is applied with a pointed bamboo quill or an iron nail using the juice of Huito (Genipa americana) berries, which produces a blue-brown-black dye. The patterns are visual music maps or scores documenting songs and chants icaros used by shamans during ayahuasca healing ceremonies.

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