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Textiles and Weavings

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  1. Alpaca_wool_blend_scarf,_'Golden_Condor' Alpaca_wool_blend_scarf,_'Golden_Condor'

    Alpaca wool blend scarf, 'Golden Condor'

    With mighty wings spread, a condor soars across a dramatic scarf in gold and ivory. Guardian of Andean cliffs, the majestic bird is revered in South America. The Inca called it Apu Kuntur and considered it as a guide and messenger of the gods. Alfredo Falc?n knits a design with pre-Hispanic images. Learn More

  2. Alpaca_Wool_Shawl,_'Nutmeg_Zigzag' Alpaca_Wool_Shawl,_'Nutmeg_Zigzag'

    Alpaca Wool Shawl, 'Nutmeg Zigzag'

    Beautifully knitted of fine alpaca wool, this shawl is warm and cozy. Peru's Paola Cuentas creates a modern design with zigzag motifs that run the length of the lightweight wrap. Made in Peru.

    Learn More

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