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Q'ero Andean Chullo Cap - Beaded - Mini

Q'ero Andean Ch'ullo Cap - Beaded - Mini


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Q'ero Andean Chullo Cap - Beaded - Mini « »


Manta Hiker Hat


Q'ero Sintillu Headband

Q'ero Andean Ch'ullo Cap - Beaded - Mini

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A very cute, miniature version of traditional hand-beaded Q'ero ch'ullos, or caps, this little gem is first hand knit of colorful wool and then hand beaded with bright white glass beads. Just like its larger counterpart, the cap is embellished with multiple brightly colored pom poms. This bigger type of this cap is worn by the Q'ero for special feast days and ceremonies. This little version is perfect for hanging on your car's rear view mirrow or your backpack as an ornament. And we know of at least one Pomeranian who didn't look too bad wearing it. Hand made in Peru.

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The Quechua word for hat is chullo. These hats are an important part of the Quechua men's traditions. The men knit all of their own chullos. It is tradition that fathers knit their sons' first chullo which can take up to a month to make. If not a good knitter, the father must trade for something with a man who is to obtain a well-made chullo.