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  1. Shipibo Amazon Rainforest Jungle Bag

    Roomy natural dyed cotton cloth shoulder strap bag hand-embroidered by Peruvian Shipibo women in their mezmerizing ayahuasca vision-inspired, traditional Shipibo icaro design. Lined for extra sturdiness. Inside magnetic snap closure keeps bag shut. Measures 12 inches deep by 13 inches wide. Strap drop 24 inches. Choice of embroidery styles. Fair Trade. Hand made in Peru. Supports Indigenous culture.

  2. Amazon Summer Sunset Bag

    Large, unconstructed shoulder strap bag made of chambira fibers harvested from a palm tree grown in the Amazon jungles of South America. Usually woven by indigenous women, this striped colorful bag evokes vintage, native energy. With a bit of give and a long shoulder strap, this would make the ideal bag for shopping at the farmer's market or taking on a trip to the beach. Natural dyes are used to achieve its many colored stripes. Towel not included.

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2 Item(s)