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The Galactic Superwave Tarot Book


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The Galactic Superwave Tarot Book

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Why this Tarot? This deck is more universal than many contemporary decks because it represents more than one particular philosophical point of view; most other decks only focus on one. This Tarot, offers insights and keys to a system of transformation that is attuned to the cosmic energies surrounding us at this time. It is encoded with symbolism of the Great Celestial Conjunction. Quiet meditation on each of the cards will awaken within each person, personal insights to support the transformation that must take place within each soul. The 22 Major Arcana (Secrets) relate to the universal principles of life and archetypal personality types. Twelve cards represent the signs of the zodiac and ten represent the planets in our solar system. They are multi-dimensional as they portray the gods and goddesses from many civilizations representing different states of consciousness.

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  • 190 pg Paperback book (no cards)

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Hugh Colmer has created a stunning evocation of the Tarot's mystical occult tradition. Vivid and intense, these images taken from many cultures create an entire world of wisdom and exploration. This is not just another Tarot deck but a true re-working of the Hermetic line. Intense and marvelous.” Rachel Pollack, author of Tarot Wisdom and Tarot of Perfection