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The Greatest Discovery with Gangaji


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The Greatest Discovery with Gangaji

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Freedom. Truth. Discovery. It's Who You Are. Have you ever felt that you've yet to be fully and truly alive? That just beyond reach, there might be something far more vast, immediate, and real? What you've sensed was the absolute You beckoning, teaches Gangaji, the boundless awareness and love that is your true nature.  And with The Greatest Discovery, you are invited to answer that call to this ecstatic expanse of being.
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  • 6 CDs (6 hours, 11 minutes)

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A Word-by-Word, Moment-by-Moment Journey into Awakening

When hearing Gangaji for the first time, many listeners?even those who?ve practiced self-inquiry on their own for years?describe a ?direct transmission÷ of infinite and loving consciousness. It sounds ?mystical,÷ but as Gangaji often says, she is just an ordinary person. So what?s happening?

?We create suffering,÷ she explains, ?when we come to believe that we are the waves and weather of our physical, emotional, and mental turmoil?but who we really are is the ever-present and immutable water.÷ And by simply inquiring into these inner obstacles in the presence of others?and sharing each step thought-by-thought?Gangaji creates a heart-centered attunement that lofts us into the profound experience that her listeners describe.

The Greatest Discovery marks a unique new offering from Gangaji. First, it?s a concentrated distillation of her current core teachings on dozens of real-life issues, including nine guided practices. But more than that?these intimate meetings are meant to be an immersive journey to spark the direct experience of awakening as you listen, ? answer the call, ? and embark on your own adventure into spiritual discovery.