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The Invitation - Sixto P Wells


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The Invitation - Sixto P Wells

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The Invitation by Sixto Paz Wells. In 1974, a group of teenage Peruvians became part of a fascinating journey through the remote mystical places of Peru. Through the narrative of Sixto Paz Wells, the reader is confronted with one of the most complex cases of ET contact ever documented. A rare case which has astounded journalists, from nearly every country, as they defiantly witnessed the undeniable physical presence of an advanced civilization. The invitation stands as a document so provocative and upsetting to our routine lives, that the author's work has been suppressed by organized agencies trying to destroy it. The question is : Why? Its pages are filled with the messages of hope, renewal and self-actualization. The humility of the author's revelations gives us the powerful tool to understand the great glory of being human. It compels us to share that unique glory with our brothers and sisters from beyond our planet and perhaps beyond time and space as we know it. After THE INVITATION, you will never see the world the same way.


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Sixto Paz Wells was born in Lima, Peru on December 12, 1955. He is a prolific writer, educator, UFO researcher and world-famous extraterrestrial contactee. In 1974, he had his first extra terrestrial contact -through telepathy, after attending a workshop offered by the Theosophical Society on that subject.

While further experimenting with his newly acquired knowledge, Sixto received a psychographic message from an extraterrestrial called Oxalc who claimed to come from Ganimedes, one of the moons of Jupiter. Doubtful of this extraordinary message, Sixto was ready to dismiss it but for another subsequent experiment with a group of friends. On that fateful occasion, Oxalc invited them to a “pre-arranged encounter” to take place in the Chilca Desert – 60 kilometers south of Lima. This encounter with UFO’s took place on February 7, 1974 and was witnessed by 20 people. Additional encounters followed, including seven well documented encounters that were witnessed by international journalists -who authenticated the extraterrestrial experience and their message of hope for humanity and our planet.

Some of Sixto’s most extraordinary extraterrestrial experiences include transportation through a xendra or inter-dimensional portal. On three occasions he has been inside spaceships. In his role of World Coordinator and Spokesperson of the RAHMA Mission, Sixto travels to numerous countries each year to speak about UFOs, extraterrestrials, and energetic dynamics, that help evolve our consciousness among many other subjects. See more at http://transformationalhealingart.com/rahma-united-states/sixto-paz-wells-biography/