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Tibetan Conch Shell Trumpet

Tibetan Conch Shell Trumpet


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Tibetan Conch Shell Trumpet

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This Tibetan conch shankar was designed to be played as a ritual trumpet.  Fashioned from a white conch shell, it is heavily decorated and embellished with turquoise and red stones, which are said to represent good energy.  Ours is finished in inlay of tiny square turquoise tiles and antiqued white metal ornaments of the Eight Auspicious Symbols and dorjes and double dorjes. Faceted stones are also used.  Colorful cloth ribbons with tassels and beads hang from the pointed end.  Knotted black leather cord is applied for ease of carrying. Shell measures 10 inches long and is 4.5 inches wide.  Ribons and cord are 17 inches long.  Made in Nepal.

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The shankha has been used as a ritual trumpet-like instrument throughout all the recorded history of religious music in Tibet. Before Buddhism was introduced to the region, the Tibetan religion was the shamanistic “Bon,” and in that context the shankha  was used to invoke and call the spirits to help grow cattle or food plants and even to banish evil spirits that caused illness and destruction. Nowadays the shankha is mainly found only in Buddhist monasteries and performances, and is very rarely used as a secular instrument.