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Tibetan Thigh Bone Trumpet - Kangling

SKU: si0179

Product Dimensions: 11 L x 3 W x 3 H inches

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Quick Overview:

Old human thighbone kangling. The bone is is sound and both ends are decorated with silver, with nice repoussé work of dragons at the knuckle end. There is faux turquoise set into both ends and rings for streamers or the traditional 5 color brocade tail, representing the 5 elements and the 5 directions (center,  N, S , E and W).  A good instrument for ritual practice.



Kangling, literally "leg (kang) flute (ling), is the Tibetan name for a trumpet or horn made out of a human thighbone, used in Himalayan Buddhism for various rituals as well as funerals. The femur of a criminal or a person who died a violent death is preferred. The kangling may also be made out of wood.  The kangling only used in Chöd rituals (which should be performed outdoors in the open). In Tantric Chöd practice the practitioner, motivated by compassion, plays the kangling as a gesture of fearlessness, to summon hungry spirits and demons so that s/he may satisfy their hunger and thereby relieve their sufferings. It is also played as a way of "cutting off of the ego."

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