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Tibetan Vajra Buddha Eye Pendant

SKU: j0126

Product Dimensions: 1.8 inch; round

Availability: In stock

Quick Overview:

Eye-catching circular white metal pendant symbolizing a vajra with the Buddha Eye symbol at its center.  Vajra is a Sanskrit word meaning both thunderbolt and diamond; both of which are symbolized as a hand held ritual object with the properties of a diamond (indestructibility) and thunderbolt, (irresistible force).  The vajra often represents firmness of spirit and spiritual power.    Handcrafted in Nepal.

Detailed Information:
  • Fair Trade
  • Hand Made


On virtually every stupa (Buddhist shrine) in Nepal, there are giant pairs of eyes staring out from the four sides of the main tower. These are Buddha Eyes (also known as Wisdom Eyes), and they look out in the four directions to symbolize the omniscience (all-seeing) of a Buddha.  The Buddha eyes are so prevalent throughout the country that they have become a symbol of Nepal itself.  Between the Buddha's eyes where the nose would be is a curly symbol that looks like question mark.  This is the Nepali character for the number 1, which symbolizes unity of all the things as well as the one way to reach enlightenment—through the Buddha's teachings.  Above this is a third eye, symbolizing the all-seeing wisdom of the Buddha.

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