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Tito La Rosa & Gary Malkin with Ian Dogole

Tito La Rosais a native of Carhuaz, in Ancash, Peru. Musician, sound healer, performer and composer, he has dedicated more than 20 years to study the music of ancient Peruvian instruments.

Gary Malkinis an award-winning composer, producer and performer interested in using music as a catalyst for spiritual and emotional awakening.

Ian Dogole is a versatile multi percussionist who for the last 30 years has blended jazz with indigenous musical styles from across the globe.

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  1. Tito La Rosa & Gary Malkin: Munay - The Power of Love

     In the Andean world it is spoken that everything has its complement...the sky with the earth, the sun with the moon, what is above with what is below, what is inside with what is outside. Munay in the language of the earth, is the Power of Love. Munay is the weaver of the harmonies in this music; it sounds in the flute, it dances the drums with the piano creating the music of the opposites, not only are they each others complement...as they unite they love.

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