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Tumbara: Spiral Spirit


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Tumbara: Spiral Spirit

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Spiral Sprit is music for the soul. Tonally rich earthy grooves mix world drums and percussion with didgeridoo and ethereal flutes. Instruments from Africa, Australia, Tibet, the Middle East and the Americas unite, organically blending hypnotic tribal rhythms and meditative, textural sounds into a rich listening experience.

Tumbara's music, alive and infectious, is also humble and healing. Great for yoga, meditation and dance. This West Coast inspired music transcends cultural diversity by celebrating the spiraling one spirit within us all.

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Tumbara's debut album, Spiral Spirit, features Keith Baker on drums and percussion taking the creative lead writ-ing, producing and mixing. The sound is open and explorative, uniting rhythm and melody, inspiring one to surrender to the moment. Its energy is organic and flowing, offering trance tracks like 'River Zen' and 'Sombrio Spirit', tribal grooves of 'Duality' and the spacious tranquility of 'Om Peace'. serious enjoyment.

keith baker : Djembes, Udus, Toumba, Frame Drums, Talking Drum, Quica, Crystal Bowl, Marimba, Bamboo Dulcimer, Wind Whip, Egyptian Tambou-rine, Deer Shaman Rattle, Horn Shaker, Tinctias, Gongs, Harmony Ball, Chimes, Rain Stick, Rocks and Wood
Sky lintott : Equadorian Mosanjo Bass-Flute, Silver Flute
laurie keating : Didgeridoo
bob brown : Doumbeck, Chimes, African Drum, Tinctias


1.) Udu Tu Yutu   -2:40 Play
2.) Sombrio Spirit   -11:50 Play
3.) River Zen   -10:44
4.) Duality   -6:10
5.) Joi   -8:10
6.) Om Peace   -4:58