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Turquoise SoapRocklet


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Turquoise SoapRocklet

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The celebrity of precious stones, Turquoise is recognized by everyone after its 6,000 years as a decorative and spiritual talisman. Formed only in parched terrains, the mineral is rich with water, and Turquoise SoapRock quenches your skin.

Fragrance: Calendula Gardenia Mist

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  • 3" L x 2" H x 2" W
  • 4 Oz

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Metaphysical Properties: Turquoise is a very sacred stone used for centuries by the native american's in all healing work. I like to think of this stone as one of peace, serenity and tranquility, it allows me to feel at peace with my surroundings and those who come into my life. It has also helped me to know my role in this incarnation allowing me to be a part of the 'universal plan'. In healing this stone connects the spiritual bodies with the other levels of existence: the physical, emotional, and intellectual. A stone of balance, protection and love that overlaps the heart and throat, Turquoise is a stone that connects the three upper and three lower chakras, the seen and unseen bodies of the aura. Some say that this stone brings one luck and is good for relationships.

Numerology: Vibrates to the number 1.

Chakra: Throat (5th)