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Warmicita: Abuta Herbal Supplement - Cleansing


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Warmicita: Abuta Herbal Supplement - Cleansing

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Warmicita, an endearing term for a woman in the Quechua language, is an herbal formula known for its toning and cleansing actions on the female reproductive system. In addition, it acts as a blood cleanser, and helps regulate menstruation and balance hormone levels. It can also be used to detoxify and protect the liver.

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INGREDIENTS: Extract of Abuta (Cissampelos pareira) in alcohol and clear quartz charged spring water.

Qori Inti herbal extracts are processed from fresh or dried plants, which are extracted in sugarcane alcohol or certified organic grape alcohol through a time-intensive maceration process. The advantage of these extracts is their ability to preserve active constituents, giving them a long shelf life and an immediate effect on the body.


Customer Questions:

Q:  How much Abuta Liquid Extract is in each dose?

A: It averages about 133 mg per 1/4 tsp. A therapeutic dose would be one tsp 3 times daily and would deliver more than 1500 mg of abuta in a bioavailable form daily. In my opinion as a practitioner, taking abuta as an elixir in the way we prepare it: from fresh, mature, sustainably wild harvested vines formulated in a concentrated dual extraction is far superior to taking abuta dried in capsules. Hope this helps!