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Watana Ties with Beaded Trim - Narrow


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Watana Ties with Beaded Trim - Narrow

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The wantana is a typical clothing accessory in several Peruvian communities; a handwoven cord or tie ending in a threaded tassel at both ends can be used for many things: tie one on your hat as a stylish hatband or chin strap, weave it into your hair or other hair ornaments; use it to tie up your despacho cloth to carry your Pachamama offering to the ceremonial site or whatever else you want to adorn with beauty, color and functionality! This one has many tiny white beads.  Yours may differ slightly from the photo due to its handmade nature.  Sold individually. From the Q'ero of Peru.

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"...hats are held on with finely woven belts, hands or ribbons that go by different names, depending on the region:  They may be called wantanas, golones, or jakimas.  Some of the bands have elaborate patterns and they may be edged with beads." Source:  Weaving in the Peruvian Highlands by Nilda Callalnaupa Alvarex