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X8 Drums Origins Djembe, Medium - 12 inch

X8 Drums Origins Djembe, Medium - 12 inch

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X8 Drums Origins Djembe, Medium - 12 inch « »

X8 Drums Origins Djembe, Medium - 12 inch

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The X8 Drums Jammer African Djembe is beautifully crafted, built to last, and sounds absolutely phenomenal. The 12" size is great for teen and adult players offering the full sonic palette of djembe sound. The drum features an organic wood finish and modest carving allowing the natural beauty of the wood shine through. Master carvers have paid special attention when carving the specifications of the drum shell to make sure the tone is pristine. The premium goatskin head is secured with a traditional rope tuning system. Dimensions: 12” Diameter Head x 20” Tall.

  • Product Size:
  • 20" H + 12" Dia
  • 272 Oz
  • 20H

Regular Price: $330.00


You Save: $130.01 (39%)

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The X8 Drums Jammer African Djembe is handcrafted from a single piece of Mahogany hardwood with a natural carved finish. We recommend this drum for beginner and intermediate players. 

We take great pride that our djembe drums are environmentally friendly. Each drum is made from legally harvested/Government inspected and certified Mahogany.


  • Please note that each drum is hand-carved, by master carvers, and sizes will tend to slightly fluctuate. No two drums are exactly alike which makes each one a unique work of art.
  • 23-24" x 11-12" Head


  • Legally Harvested, Environmentally Sustainable Mahogany wood
  • One-piece Mahogany solid shell construction
  • Government Certification Process
  • 23-24" Tall : Low Stretch Alpine Nylon HTB 5 mm, 21 rope runners
  • Lathe turned for uniform thickness
  • Lateral groove/rough surfaced carvings on interior bowl to reduce overtones
  • Shells are kiln dried with up to 20 coats of teak oil to protect and preserver the wood.
  • Premium selected goatskin drumheads
  • Temperature controlled storage environment


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