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A Dance of Reflective Relationship: A Fairy Tale of Creation by Kiera D. Laike

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 • Product Size: 35 pages - Paperback

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Kiera Donna Laike

 A Dance of Reflective Relationship will ever open to the hearts of the children holding the book. The words wash over as brilliant watercolor illustrations meet the sparkle in the eyes of us all. The reflective magic of space comes to life on Earth, as the star people take form, creating a place for the child to snuggle into the wonders of our galaxy. Snuggled in, the book will take them on a powerful journey of creation, moving through a great love and expressing the power of reflection. Both children and adults will be moved by this story as it is a way of understanding soul through a connection to the stars. Alongside an underlying importance of holding one’s uniqueness, the power of love is realized through the creation of planet Earth.

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100% Money Back Guarantee
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    • Print Length: 35 pages
    • Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing 
    • Publication Date: July 17, 2017
  • {} - Shaman

    Kiera Donna Laike

    Kiera D. Laike, IRW, emerged from her profession in psychology to bring the world her knowing of humans as sensory developmental beings. Kiera dedicated 20 years of her career to provide cutting-edge treatment and innovative programs for adolescents, women, substance abuse, and couples, which elevated her to the top of that profession. Kiera's development of her theory of Sensology has cascaded into a multileveled healing practice based on human energetic field communication to the Universe.

    In 1995, Kiera founded the Embodied Wellness Center, which provides Embodied sessions. These sessions encompass and hold such a vast sensory development that clients receive healing for physical and mental ailments such as anxiety, cancer, depression, autoimmune disorders, and relationships.

    Kiera teaches Embodied Practice, Pulse Practice, and trains Certified Embodied Practitioners. Kiera's work has earned her respect and collaboration from top oncologists in Michigan.

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