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Andean Huaraca Sling

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 • Product Size: 66" L  x  2" W

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Shamans Market-Peru

Our soft yet strong wool South American sling is made by Peruvian craftspeople in the South Andes. The Peruvian word for a sling is huaraca. Just like in ancient Andean civilizations, such as the Inca Empire, this sling is made from llama and alpaca wool and constructed in contrasting colors, with complex braiding and fine workmanship in beautiful patterns. Ceremonial slings were large, and non-functional and generally lacked a slit for a stone and are still used in parts of the Andes as accessories in dances and in mock battles. Also still used by llama herders to move the animals away from the thump of a well-aimed stone. The stones are not slung to hit the animals, but to persuade them to move in the desired direction. Your sling may differ slightly from image in cradle and rope color and design.

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  • Braided and woven from natural alpaca or llama fiber, with an opened slit cradle in the center into which to place a projectile (usually a piece of stone), the sling or huaraca is used as weapon, and also as belt. When used as a weapon, the projectile is placed in the pouch. Both ends are held by hand, then the sling is swung and one of the two cords is released. This frees the stone, tangent to the circle that the huaraca makes, to fly in a straight line. Depending how the arm is extended the stone piece can be thrown long distances. The sling ends are different. One is fringed, and the other has a closed round to put the finger and hold the punch when one of the two cords is released.
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