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Ceremonial Stone Carved Pipe - 12 inch - DISCOUNTED/2nd/Repaired

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 • Product Size: 12" L  x  2.5" H  x  2" W

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Hand Made

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Abelardo & Luzmarina Mirano

DISCOUNTED: Pipe has been repaired after mouthpiece broke off. Recommended for decorative use only.

This large long pipe is skillfully carved from stone found in and around Peru referred to as Machu Pichu stone. The sacred smoking vessel combines the carvings of a trio of the most important animal totems in some types of Peruvian shamanism: the condor, serpent and jaguar. The mouthpiece is carved in the form of the serpent while the bowl is carved as the sacred jaguar head. Use for your sacred ceremonies to communicate to Spirit. Each item is uniquely carved and designs may vary slightly from image. Carved in Peru. 

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100% Money Back Guarantee
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  • In the rituals, ceremonies, and spiritual observances of indigenous peoples that live in what is known as America, tobacco is the unifying thread of communication between humans and the spiritual powers. The manidog (spirits) are said to be extremely fond of tobacco. The only way they could get it was from the indigenous peoples, either by smoke from a pipe or by offerings of dry tobacco. According to tradition, the indigenous peoples received tobacco as a gift from Wenebojo who had taken it from a mountain giant and then given the seed to his brothers. Source: Milwaukee Public Museum Website

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    Abelardo & Luzmarina Mirano

    Abelardo and his wife Luzmarina are master shamanic artisans. They have been creating traditional sacred stone carving for many years and are well respected by shamans, teachers and practitioners both in Peru and abroad. Their art is infused with a deep understanding of Andean cosmology, ancient shamanic practices and a deep love for the apus and Pachamama. They live in Cusco, Peru with their three beautiful children Paola, Chaska and Sebastian.

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