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Ch'aska Punku by Sami Brothers

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Sami Brothers

Ch’aska Punku means Star Portal in Quechua, a language of the high Andean indigenous peoples, and refers to stellar alignments which we experience on Solstices, Equinoxes, and Solar and Lunar Eclipses. This album was created with the intention to support humanity during this time of personal and planetary restoration. With deepest gratitude to don Oscar and the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition, which inspired the creation of these songs, we, the Sāmi Brothers thank you for being on this joyful journey of re-membering with us.


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    Sami Brothers

    Alexander and Madhu studied the healing arts for over a decade each and are apprentices in the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition of Cross Cultural Peruvian Shamanism. Regularly holding ceremony in rhythm with phases of the moon and offering healing sessions to clients all over the bay area, Alexander and Madhu are committed to rooting deeply into community and acting as catalysts and supporters for the birthing of the new paradigm. Madhu's training in Sound Healing, Pranic Healing and Medical Chi Gong give him unique qualifications to work with those needing support, and Alex's extensive work in Waking Down in Mutuality, WePractice, Rainbow Bridge Shamanic School, and Sound Healing compliment Madhu's healing skill set. And having just released their first album of ceremonial music, Alex and Madhu bring to ceremony their years of musical study as professional opera singer (Alex) and jazz musician (Madhu). Their ceremonies have been described as an interactive shamanic revival.

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