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Featured Cause:Christmas in Q'ero 2021

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It’s become a tradition for us to provide support to the Q’ero indigenous peoples of the high Andes of Peru for their annual Christmas party in their small village of Qeros on Apu Asangate. Q’ero leader Benito Apaza and volunteer Carrie Golitz have organized this celebration for many years. They provide the tradition of hot chocolate, fresh bread and often some small gifts for the children as donations permit.

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  • Featured Charity: Yes, I would like to join with Shamans Market and make a donation to Christmas in Q'ero 2015.  We are raising funds to provide a traditional Christmas celebration of hot chocolate, fresh bread, and other treats and gifts for the indigenous community of the Q'ero, on Apu Asangate in the high Andes of Peru.  You can give directly to this cause by making    $2 contributions.  100% of your money will go directly to this cause. Thank you!
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