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Heart of the Shamans - Ceremonial Medicine Songs by Liquid Bloom

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 • Product Size: 1 CD - 1:11:16

Heart of the Shamans - Ceremonial Medicine Songs CD by Liquid Bloom with Robert Mirabal, vocalists Ixchel Prrisma, Sarah West and Rara Avis offers shamanic music with global rhythms, nature sounds and evocative vocals for healing music and yoga instrumental music. Shaman’s Eye is a unique collaboration between Amani Friend and Bente Friend. In the true spirit of musical alchemy, Amani blends his technical skills with his innate understanding of the power of sound and vibration to heal and transform. With deep reverence, he weaves the strands of pan-global percussive and melodic expressions, sacred chants, and the atmospheres of nature around the steady heartbeat of trance to inspire inner journeys. Bente's background in the healing arts includes the creative use of ecstatic trance to enrich one's daily life. Her inherent gift for guiding others to connect with their own deep wisdom and inner power blends the invisible worlds with the visible. Inspired by her work this sensual music was created to transport us into the mystical and magical realms residing within us all, and to attain the Shante Ishta--our own inner eye of compassionate vision.

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100% Money Back Guarantee
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