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Huaco Silbador-Peruvian Whistling Vessel - Shaman

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 • Product Size: 8" L  x  9" H  x  3.5" W

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Jose Vitancio Humeres

This chambered hollow clay replica of a pre-Columbian whistling vessel bears shaman on its front chamber. Sculpted by ethnomusicologist Jose Vitancio Humeres of Peru, it is a replica of an original design. "I think the sounds these instruments make were to create positive energy," says Vitancio Humeres. Constructed of two chambers, as well as a system of air ducts and aqueducts, the vessel is filled partially with water, and when held and tipped, pushes the air outward to create melodic sounds, through one or more whistle holes. Exquisitely made. The whistle on this piece works with a strong sound. A functional musical instrument and a brilliant piece of art.  Colors and design may slightly vary from picture, from each artists work. Made in Peru.

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    In A Spirit Walker's Guide to Shamanic Tools, How to Make and Use Drums, Masks Rattles and other Sacred Implements, Evelyn C. Rysdyk, the author, describes some very special instruments that have purposes that transcend simple music. The huaco silbador, or whistling vessel, is a shamanic instrument that dates back to Pre-Colombian times. In the curanderisimo tradition of the Peruvian North coast, whistling vessels or huaco silbadors are used by the curanderas to call in the spirits for protection and/or healing. The curanderas and curanderos of this tradition are shamanic healers who usually construct an elaborate altar, called a mesa, for their healing ceremonies. These mesas have dozens of power objects placed on them to assist the healer in her or his work....a huaco silbador is often present. Depending upon their shape or dedicated purpose, these vessels may be used to summon different spirit helpers and also to provide a home for the spirit in this realm. For instance, an animal shaped vessel may contain the spirit of the animal, bu sued to summon the animal spirit to assist the curandera, or be dedicated for a different purpose which as clearing the space in which the healing is to occur. As with other shamanic objects, it is the enlivening process carried out by the shaman that gives the vessels power.

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    Jose Vitancio Humeres

    Jose Vitancio Humeres appeared on US television in a video demonstrating the magical intonations of these works of art called whistling vessels. Vitancio Humeres resides in Cusco, capital city of the Cusco Province. He is dedicated to the collection of this kind of curious collectible artwork and creates them in replica. His works are shown in the Inca Museum Cusco.


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